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  Aqualisa Aquastream Mark 2 1997-2003

Aqualisa Aquastream Mark 2 1997-2003

Aqualisa Aquastream Mark 2

Is this your Aqualisa Aquastream? Are you experiencing noise, dripping or leaking coming from the unit? If so, it's time to upgrade! This model is a minimum of 14 years old and from our experience it's usually not worth repairing. Call us for a quote at (01) 562 0661 as we are the most experienced with installing these showers!


Is it worth repairing the Aqualisa Aquastream Mark 2 model?

If you are experiencing noise coming from the unit it is due to the bearings going on the motor. If you are experiencing a drip coming from the unit it is due to a faulty cartridge. This is one of the main components of the shower. Both of these issues are expensive to repair, and a short term solution. Aquashowers highly recommends upgrading to the new Aqualisa Aquastream which comes with a 3 year guarantee.  

Can I replace this shower with another brand i.e. Triton or Mira?

Technically, yes. However, the plumbing and the electrical work does not match up. At Aquashowers we install all the popular brands like Triton and Mira. These shower units cost less but the labour costs would be much higher due to the additional work involved. 

Will the new Aqualisa Aquastream model fit in the same position?

The new model is approximately 60mm (2.5 inches) shorter in length, but the pipe-work and electrical work is the exact same allowing for a neat finish. 

What comes with my new Aqualisa Aquastream?

Every new model comes with a complete new kit including; hose, eco shower head, rail and transformer. These showers are low-voltage and come with a transformer that is installed separately to the shower unit i.e. in the attic or hot-press. We disconnect the old transformer and install the new one, assuming it's accessible. 

Aqualisa Aquastream Mark 3 2003 - present

 Aqualisa Aquastream Mark 3

Aqualisa Aquastream Mark 3

Are you experiencing problems with this model? Maybe a noise or drip coming from the unit? Or maybe no pressure at all?

From our experience these problems occur when the unit is approximately 10 years old. We have all parts necessary for repairing this model, however, in some cases replacement is necessary due to wear and tear. 

If you are replacing your current Aqualisa Aquastream with a new one, there are no tiling issues and it will look like we never there. 

Call us for a quote on your Aqualisa Aquastream Mark 3 today at (01) 562 0661.  Our Aqualisa Shower Installation work comes with a 3 Year Parts and Labour Guarantee.

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Aqualisa Showers have one of the widest ranges of shower pumps, digital showers, power showers and mixer showers in Ireland and at Aqua Showers we can install and repair every make and model.

At Aqua Showers we know everyone’s showering needs are different, so we provide the best service and customer support in Dublin and surrounding counties area.

Aqua Showers provide a complete shower installation and repair service that leaves no mess. Aqua Showers also service a wide range of Aqualisa thermostatic showers that provide thermostatic shower temperature control, such as the Aqualisa Midas Thermostatic Shower and the Aqualisa Aquastyle Electric Shower.

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