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Aqualisa Aquastream Mark 2

Is this your Aqualisa Aquastream? Are you experiencing noise, dripping or leaking coming from the unit? If so, it's time to upgrade! This model is a minimum of 14 years old and from our experience it's usually not worth repairing. Call us for a quote at (01) 562 0661 as we are the most experienced with installing these showers!


Is it worth repairing the Aqualisa Aquastream Mark 2 model?

If you are experiencing noise coming from the unit it is due to the bearings going on the motor. If you are experiencing a drip coming from the unit it is due to a faulty cartridge. This is one of the main components of the shower. Both of these issues are expensive to repair, and a short term solution. Aquashowers highly recommends upgrading to the new Aqualisa Aquastream which comes with a 3 year guarantee.  

Can I replace this shower with another brand i.e. Triton or Mira?

Technically, yes. However, the plumbing and the electrical work does not match up. At Aquashowers we install all the popular brands like Triton and Mira. These shower units cost less but the labour costs would be much higher due to the additional work involved. 

Will the new Aqualisa Aquastream model fit in the same position?

The new model is approximately 60mm (2.5 inches) shorter in length, but the pipe-work and electrical work is the exact same allowing for a neat finish. 

What comes with my new Aqualisa Aquastream?

Every new model comes with a complete new kit including; hose, eco shower head, rail and transformer. These showers are low-voltage and come with a transformer that is installed separately to the shower unit i.e. in the attic or hot-press. We disconnect the old transformer and install the new one, assuming it's accessible. 

Aqualisa Aquastream Mark 3 2003 - present




Are you experiencing problems with this model? Maybe a noise or drip coming from the unit? Or maybe no pressure at all?

From our experience these problems occur when the unit is approximately 10 years old. We have all parts necessary for repairing this model, however, in some cases replacement is necessary due to wear and tear. 

If you are replacing your current Aqualisa Aquastream with a new one, there are no tiling issues and it will look like we never there. 



Call us for a quote on your Aqualisa Aquastream Mark 3 today at (01) 562 0661.  Our Aqualisa Shower Installation work comes with a 3 Year Parts and Labour Guarantee.


Aqualisa Shower

Aqualisa Showers have one of the widest ranges of shower pumps, digital showers, power showers and mixer showers in Ireland and at Aqua Showers we can install and repair every make and model.

At Aqua Showers we know everyone’s showering needs are different, so we provide the best service and customer support in Dublin and surrounding counties area.

Aqua Showers provide a complete shower installation and repair service that leaves no mess. Aqua Showers also service a wide range of Aqualisa thermostatic showers that provide thermostatic shower temperature control, such as the Aqualisa Midas Thermostatic Shower and the Aqualisa Aquastyle Electric Shower.



Please call us on (01) 562 0661 for a free quote!

Do you own a Triton t90i, Triton t90si or a Triton T90xr?

 Triton T90si Old Model

Triton T90si Old Model

It's about time to be upgrading these showers to the new Triton T90z or the Mira Elite QT. 

Triton Ireland have stopped producing and selling parts for the Triton T90i and the Triton T90si. If you own one of these older models of electric showers and they are showing signs of wear and tear then it could be time to update. 

Here are four tell tale signs your Triton T90i, Triton T90si or Triton T90xr may need repair or replacement:

  1. Water leakage from the bottom of the unit
  2. Loud noise coming from the unit
  3. Inconsistent water temperature
  4. Low water pressure
 New Mira Elite QT

New Mira Elite QT

As Triton still produce parts for the Triton T90xr, Aqua Showers can resolve these problems with a call out and repair job. The older models like the Triton T90i and T90si may need replacement. We recommend replacing these electric shower models with the new Triton T90z or the Mira Elite QT. 

Call Aqua Showers at (01) 562 0661 to diagnose your shower problems in the greater Dublin area. We can provide you with the best solutions to your problem and give you a quote over the phone. All jobs come with a 3 year parts and labour guarantee. 

New Mira Elite QT Quietest Electric Shower On Market!

mira elite qt install


Mira Elite QT

Aquashowers are now installing the new Mira Elite QT. The Mira Elite QT is the newest release from Mira and is the quietest pumped electric shower on the market. In studies done it was shown that it makes 75% less noise than any other shower of its kind without any loss in power.The shower has an integrated pump which also ensures that the shower has a strong and consistent flow, even at low pressure. 

mira elite repair

Mira Elite repairThe new release also has new technologies; Mira Clean-flo and Mira Clearscale. Mira Clean-flo makes sure that the filter is easy accesible for the customer to clean if necessary. Because the customer can access and clean the filter easily, it reduces the chances of it becoming blocked. When the filter is blocked you get low pressure flow and this leads to high water temperature. This is when the customer would have to pay for an engineer to come and solve this problem. The Mira QT will save you money in the long run. 

A big problem in Dublin is limescale. Mira Clearscale technology reduces the limescale by half, giving you a longer lasting life for your shower. 

 Watch this video for a great look at the product and how quiet and easy to maintain it is!

Call us now for a quote on fitting your new Mira Elite QT

(01) 562 0661

5 Ways to Avoid Frozen Pipes and an Angry Wife

 frozen tap

Freezing Temperatures

As temperatures have dropped to near freezing, don't get caught out with burst pipes this winter. It's everyone's worst nightmare to come home to a flooded house. Some insurance companies are not paying out if you have been out of the house for more than 5 days. This could work out very costly.

If you have a holiday home it is particularly important to be thinking ahead. Here at Aqua Showers we have noticed an increasing number of calls from costumers whose showers are leaking water due to freezing conditions. These days everyone is topping up on the insulation in their attics, and while this is very beneficial for the rooms below, it makes the attic space nearly the same temperature as outside.

It won’t take long for pipes to freeze in these conditions even when the radiators are on in the rooms below.

frozen pipe with hair dryer

Hair Dryer Treatment.

On Pipe and from Wife :(

Have you ever spent hours trying to defrost a frozen pipe with your wife’s fancy hairdryer? Save yourself the trouble and the wrath of an angry spouse and follow our Winter Water Tips for a happy holiday and New Year.

So here you go….


Aqua Showers Top 5 Winter Tips for 2012:

  • Insulate : Insulate all pipes in the attic space with good quality lagging. They come in 2 metre lengths for 1/2 inch pipes and 3/4 inch pipes.
  • Fibre Glass: When insulating your attic floor with fibre glass, always leave under the water tank free of any insulation as this will help prevent the tank from freezing.
  • Holiday Home: If you have a holiday home always turn off the mains water valve (usually under the kitchen sink) and drain the water tank in attic by running both hot/cold taps in the bathroom until water stops.
  • Technology: A more expensive but very effective way is to install a device that allows you to text your central heating to come on anytime you like, for example when the temperature has dropped and there is nobody at home or if you are on the way home from work and you want the house to be a nice temperature when you get in the door. This devices cost approx. 200euro plus labour to install. Check out this Irish Company : Climote
  • Washing Machine: If you have a washing machine situated in a garage or cold utility room, insulate the flexible hoses with suitable lagging.

Hope these tips are of help.

If you have any tips that you think I have missed please add a comment. It will be much appreciated.



Electric Shower or Power Shower - What to Consider and Why?

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 of Aquashowers | Dublin Shower Repair Services

First of all I would like to explain the 

difference between an electric shower and a power shower

 as some people can find it confusing.

An electric shower heats the water instantly at the touch of a button. Usually a cold water pipe comes from the tank in the attic to supply the shower. The cold water is pumped through the shower unit and a high power heater element heats the water in a split second giving an unlimited supply of hot water.

A power shower does not heat the water, the water is heated from another source (eg) your immersion or gas boiler. It consists of a cold pipe plumbed directly from the tank in the attic and a hot pipe plumbed directly from the hot cylinder (or hotpress). And gives out much better water pressure as the water is already heated. 

These days it's all about cost.

What is cheaper to run? Electric Shower or Power Shower

Electric Shower or Power Shower Aqua Showers Dublin

Unless you have solar panels supplying free hot water to your shower, I would say an electric shower would be cheaper to run. Although the electric shower uses a lot of electricity when switched on, as soon as you finish your shower, it stops costing you money. Whereas with a power shower, you may have to turn on your immersion or gas boiler for an hour even if you want a quick shower because the entire hot cylinder has to be heated to approx 60 degrees. Or what if you forget to turn off the immersion switch! If you have a power shower, a good tip is to install a timer on your immersion and have it timed to heat the water at 6am (as this is an off-peak time therefore cheaper) for an hour. If your hot cylinder is insulated well the water should stay hot for hours. Another thing to consider when choosing which shower to get is the dreaded water meters. The better the pressure of your shower the more its going to cost.

couple in dublin shower

Electric Shower Drawback

In my opinion the only drawback of the electric shower is the pressure. The water can only be heated so quick therefore giving fairly low pressure. This can noticed even more when the water supply to the shower is so cold it has to be kept inside the unit for longer, giving less pressure. The average flow of an electric shower is 7 litres of water per minute compared to a power shower giving 14-18 litres per minute. You can't beat the feeling of having a shower with the water blasting out from the shower head.

But these days it doesn't come cheap.

You can have the best of both worlds with a power shower if you use a meter and your tank is well insulated. If not, then maybe an Electric Shower is the way to go.

Good luck with your choice. I hope we've helped. If you need any more help then please give us a call.