5 Ways to Avoid Frozen Pipes and an Angry Wife

 frozen tap

Freezing Temperatures

As temperatures have dropped to near freezing, don't get caught out with burst pipes this winter. It's everyone's worst nightmare to come home to a flooded house. Some insurance companies are not paying out if you have been out of the house for more than 5 days. This could work out very costly.

If you have a holiday home it is particularly important to be thinking ahead. Here at Aqua Showers we have noticed an increasing number of calls from costumers whose showers are leaking water due to freezing conditions. These days everyone is topping up on the insulation in their attics, and while this is very beneficial for the rooms below, it makes the attic space nearly the same temperature as outside.

It won’t take long for pipes to freeze in these conditions even when the radiators are on in the rooms below.

frozen pipe with hair dryer

Hair Dryer Treatment.

On Pipe and from Wife :(

Have you ever spent hours trying to defrost a frozen pipe with your wife’s fancy hairdryer? Save yourself the trouble and the wrath of an angry spouse and follow our Winter Water Tips for a happy holiday and New Year.

So here you go….


Aqua Showers Top 5 Winter Tips for 2012:

  • Insulate : Insulate all pipes in the attic space with good quality lagging. They come in 2 metre lengths for 1/2 inch pipes and 3/4 inch pipes.
  • Fibre Glass: When insulating your attic floor with fibre glass, always leave under the water tank free of any insulation as this will help prevent the tank from freezing.
  • Holiday Home: If you have a holiday home always turn off the mains water valve (usually under the kitchen sink) and drain the water tank in attic by running both hot/cold taps in the bathroom until water stops.
  • Technology: A more expensive but very effective way is to install a device that allows you to text your central heating to come on anytime you like, for example when the temperature has dropped and there is nobody at home or if you are on the way home from work and you want the house to be a nice temperature when you get in the door. This devices cost approx. 200euro plus labour to install. Check out this Irish Company : Climote
  • Washing Machine: If you have a washing machine situated in a garage or cold utility room, insulate the flexible hoses with suitable lagging.

Hope these tips are of help.

If you have any tips that you think I have missed please add a comment. It will be much appreciated.