New Mira Elite QT Quietest Electric Shower On Market!

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Mira Elite QT

Aquashowers are now installing the new Mira Elite QT. The Mira Elite QT is the newest release from Mira and is the quietest pumped electric shower on the market. In studies done it was shown that it makes 75% less noise than any other shower of its kind without any loss in power.The shower has an integrated pump which also ensures that the shower has a strong and consistent flow, even at low pressure. 

mira elite repair

Mira Elite repairThe new release also has new technologies; Mira Clean-flo and Mira Clearscale. Mira Clean-flo makes sure that the filter is easy accesible for the customer to clean if necessary. Because the customer can access and clean the filter easily, it reduces the chances of it becoming blocked. When the filter is blocked you get low pressure flow and this leads to high water temperature. This is when the customer would have to pay for an engineer to come and solve this problem. The Mira QT will save you money in the long run. 

A big problem in Dublin is limescale. Mira Clearscale technology reduces the limescale by half, giving you a longer lasting life for your shower. 

 Watch this video for a great look at the product and how quiet and easy to maintain it is!

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