Do you own a Triton t90i, Triton t90si or a Triton T90xr?

 Triton T90si Old Model

Triton T90si Old Model

It's about time to be upgrading these showers to the new Triton T90z or the Mira Elite QT. 

Triton Ireland have stopped producing and selling parts for the Triton T90i and the Triton T90si. If you own one of these older models of electric showers and they are showing signs of wear and tear then it could be time to update. 

Here are four tell tale signs your Triton T90i, Triton T90si or Triton T90xr may need repair or replacement:

  1. Water leakage from the bottom of the unit
  2. Loud noise coming from the unit
  3. Inconsistent water temperature
  4. Low water pressure
 New Mira Elite QT

New Mira Elite QT

As Triton still produce parts for the Triton T90xr, Aqua Showers can resolve these problems with a call out and repair job. The older models like the Triton T90i and T90si may need replacement. We recommend replacing these electric shower models with the new Triton T90z or the Mira Elite QT. 

Call Aqua Showers at (01) 562 0661 to diagnose your shower problems in the greater Dublin area. We can provide you with the best solutions to your problem and give you a quote over the phone. All jobs come with a 3 year parts and labour guarantee.