Triton AS2000XT

Thermostatic Power Shower

triton as2000xt thermostatic install and repair

The Triton AS2000XT is the thermostatic power shower. The Triton AS2000XT is perfect for low pressure systems. If you find that the water pressure in your current shower is too low, or the temperature control is inconsistent then the Triton AS2000XT is the perfect solution. 

The Triton AS2000X is the manual power version which still provides a constant high pressure flow, without the assurance of constant temperature control that the thermostatic AS2000XT model provides. 

Triton AS2000X

If your current power shower needs updating or replacing the Triton AS2000XT or AS2000X would be the ideal replacement. Aquashowers have been installing power showers of all brands including Triton for over a decade. For a professional service, call Aquashowers for a quote today. No need to buy the model yourself, we can provide the Triton AS2000XT or AS2000X and install

All models come with a minimum 2 years guarantee. 

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