Mixer Shower, Power Shower etc. Which Shower Suits Me?

Here we explain which shower to choose and explain the different types of showers available to help you find the best option for your needs. If you are wondering Which Power Shower to choose this is the place to start.

Mira Elite ST

Electric Showers

Electric showers heat the water instantly at the press of a button. These are the most popular choice because of the convenience of not having to wait around for the immersion to heat up. The water supply to the shower would usually come from a cold water tank, commonly found in the attic of a house. These showers are very economical to run as electricity is only used for the amount of time you are in the shower, eg. 10 minutes in the shower compared to 1 hour to heat water from immersion.

Models we recommend:


Triton T90Z

Power Showers

Power showers give you optimum pressure at the press of a button, with some in our range delivering up to 18 litres of water per minute compared to the electric showers approximate 6 litres per minute. These showers do not heat the water for you; they are heated from another source. eg. immersion,oil/gas boiler.  

Models we recommend:



Digital Showers 

Digital Showers are the most up to date and most stylish power showers you can find. An intelligent shower that in which it lets you know when the water has reached your ideal temperature. The plumbing and built in pump are installed usually in the attic unlike electric or power showers that are a unit on the wall, making digital showers slick and contemporary.

Models we recommend:




Mixer ShowerMira Discovery

Mixer Shower or Mixer Valves are types of showers that generally have a chrome lever or knob on the wall which blend the hot and cold water. They do not heat the water for you and usually the pressure from them is not great, unless there is a pump installed boosting the pressure. 

 Models Recommended: